Prime Minister’s Research Fellow at Deptt. of Civil Engineering,

IIT Guwahati


Specialization: Environmental Biotechnology, Precision Metagenomics,Biopolymer composting,  Biopolymer Composite Design for Enhanced Degradation, Plastic Degradation, Waste Water Treatment Strategies,Bioprocess Design, Soil Remediation, Biofertilizers

The Career

June 2021

Conferred with the Prime Minister’s Research Fellowship for the December 2020 cycle

August 2020

Started PhD at Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati

July 2020

Awarded the degree of M.Tech in Environmental Biotechnology by Jadavpur University

February 2020

Qualified GATE with AIR 608

August 2018

Awarded the degree of B.Tech in Bioechnology by Techno India University, West Bengal

The Doctoral Research

The  topic for doctoral research is “Omics Logic Based Precision Approach to produce Biofertilizers through Biodegradation of Sustainable and Conventional Polymers: An Efficacy Analysis Study in Soil”.

 The project is being duly supervised by Prof. Sreedeep S. and Prof. Vimal Katiyar.

A holistic strategy is needed for plastic waste management, ensuring not only technical feasibility but also economic sustainability for a future, resilient to climate change and environmental degradation. Strategies are required to be improvised to add value to the polymer products at the end of their life-cycle without damaging the homeostasis of the ecosystem.

The objective of this project has therfore been to explore the efficacy of transforming plastics (conventional and bioplastics) as biofertilizer. The study aims to use cutting edge computational analytical tools on sequenced metagenome and transcriptome for creating new consortia or exploiting existing microbial community for enhancing rates of plastic degradation while trying to create a potent fertilizer product, tried and tested in crop-growing soil.


  • Paper titled “Landfill-mined soil-like fraction (LMSF) use in biopolymer composting: Material pre-treatment, bioaugmentation and agricultural prospects” published in Environmental Pollution. [May 2024] IF- 8.9 (


Arnab Banerjee, Manoj Kumar Dhal, Kshitij Madhu, Charakho N. Chah, Bharat Rattan, Vimal Katiyar, Sreedeep Sekharan, Ajit Sarmah

  • Review Paper titled “Decoding the Complex Interplay of Biological and Chemical Factors in Polylactic Acid Biodegradation: A Systematic Review” submitted to Polymer Degradation and Stability [May 2024]


Arnab Banerjee, Abhinav Borah, Charakho N. Chah, Manoj Kumar Dhal, Kshitij Madhu, Vimal Katiyar, Sreedeep Sekharan


  • Paper titled “Hydrophobized Iron Tailing based Cementitious Composites for Low to Medium Load Bearing External Applications” 1st revision submitted in Journal of Materials in Civil Engineering, ASCE.


Soumya Roy, Charakho N Chah, Arnab Banerjee, Sanandam Bordoloi, Sreedeep Sekharan


  • Paper titled “Microenvironment of landfill-mined soil-like material: Evaluating the polymer composting potential using metagenomics and geo-environmental Characterisationpublished in the International Journal of Environmental Research [April 2024]. ( ) IF- 3.2


Arnab Banerjee, Charakho N. Chah, Manoj Kumar Dhal, Kshitij Madhu, Kiran Vilas Dhobale, Bharat Rattan, Vimal Katiyar, Sreedeep Sekharan

  • Paper titled “Investigation of bacterial community under the simultaneous influence of water-absorbing polymer and vegetation subjected to drought stress: Insights into mechanism of soil-polymer-plant-bacteria-water interactionpublished in Plant and Soil Journal. [April 2024] ( ) IF- 5.2


Bharat Rattan, Arnab Banerjee, Kiran Vilas Dhobale, Sreedeep Sekharan, Ankit Garg, Lingaraj Sahoo

  • Paper titled “Modelling a depolymerase enzyme from soil bacteria Amycolatopsis sp. to understand the binding interactions with Polylactic Acid (PLA) for enhancing its degradability” under review at “Journal of Biomolecular Structure and Dynamics [March 2024] IF- 3.8


Arnab Banerjee, Priya Kumari, Debarshee Sengupta, Manoj Kumar Dhal, Kshitij Madhu, Vimal Katiyar, Sreedeep Sekharan


  • Book chapter titled “Precision metagenomics in a low-end computation infrastructure: A tool to augment research on bioremediation of plastic and microplastic contaminationpublished in ACS Symposium Series titled “Bioremediation: A Promising Technique for Microplastics Clean-up from Soil” [December 2023]


Arnab Banerjee, Charakho N. Chah, Vimal Katiyar, Sreedeep Sekharan


  • Paper titled “Polylactic acid/polycaprolactone/sawdust based biocomposites trays with enhanced compostabilitypublished in International Journal of Biological Macromolecules [September 2023] IF- 8.2.


Manoj Kumar Dhal, Kshitij Madhu, Arnab Banerjee, Prasanna V., Amit Kumar, Vimal Katiyar


  • Paper titled “A systematic review on bioplastic-soil interaction: Exploring the effects of residual bioplastics on the soil geoenvironment” published in Science of the Total Environment. [August 2022] (10.1016/j.scitotenv.2022.158311) IF- 9.8


Charakho N. Chah, Arnab Banerjee, Vinay Kumar Gadi, Sreedeep Sekharan, Vimal Katiyar


  • Book Chapter titled “Challenges and Strategies of Water Supply and Wastewater Management in Coastal Urban and Semi-Urban Areas” published in the book “Urban water crisis and management strategies for sustainable development” [August 2022].


Arnab Banerjee, Antariksha Sarkar, Sambarna Ghoshal


  • Paper titled “Tannic acid induced membrane surface modification to increase efficiency of direct contact membrane distillation for desalination of the bioreactor effluent of a bioplastic-producing haloarchaeal bioprocess,” in Materials Today: Proceedings (March 2021) doi: 10.1016/j.matpr.2021.02.754.


Arnab Banerjee, Joydeep Mukherjee


Manuscripts under submission

  • Paper titled “Impact on geoenvironmental properties and soil microbiome due to application of Landfill-Mined Soil-Like Fraction (LMSF) after biopolymer compostingunder preparation for submission to Environmental Science and Technology (Expected Submission: June 2024)

Arnab Banerjee, Bharat Rattan, Manoj Kumar Dhal, Kshitij Madhu, Vimal Katiyar, Sreedeep Sekharan

An Interview

An interview was taken by Ft. Garima Kukreja that was published in the October 2021 edition of the “Monthly Bites” Magazine.